Blogging a Book

Most writers know that we have to build a platform since publishers expect us to promote our books these days. One suggestion is to write parts of your book or all of it in a series of blogs to create interest in you. On the back of Nina Amir’s book, HOW TO BLOG A BOOK, it reads “the first-ever guide to writing and publishing a saleable non-fiction book based on blog content.”  She guides us “through the process of developing targeted blog content that will increase your chances of publication and maximize you visibility as an author.”

Chapter 9 is “How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Profit and Promotion”

I like the idea of transforming my blog posts into a book. I started with but since I’m with WordPress now,  I’d like to put those years of bloggling into use again, instead of letting them sit out there.

If putting your blogs into book form is what you’d like to do now or think you might in the future, check out Nina’s book, published by Writers Digest.

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