Story accepted in Las Positas College Anthology

My fiction story, “Stepping Stones”, has been accepted in the Las Positas College Anthology. It’s a story about a large gold mirror that reflects Willy and his family during his lifetime. I surprised myself with the voice that came through for the narrator. It’s not my usual writing style.

The book will be available at the awards reception on May 11th.


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9 responses to “Story accepted in Las Positas College Anthology

  1. Congratulations – I can hardly wait to see the book and read your story.


  2. Congratulations! Another success story. I hope you get to read it at the ceremony.


  3. Way to go Julaina – you ever cease to inspire me!


  4. fuzzyredsocks

    Ok, that was supposed to be you NEVER cease to inspire me . . .


  5. Thanks Carole and George. I’m very proud of all you muses!


  6. Carolyn Dekat

    Congrats, Julaina! How exciting for you!


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