Iambic Group Poem Needs a Title

Here is the Iambic Group Poem, Glen Meisenheimer guided us to produce at the Poetry Workshop last week. There were 12 participants, but we forgot to title it. Any suggestions?

The time she waits on none who tarry long

Instead she dances t’wards her scheduled end.

Ignoring worries; seeking pleasure’s song,

She hopes to make the day a lasting friend.

The other side of time we know is death.

She nudges us along to paths not sought.

Although we fight for every passing breath,

The end will come to all no matter what.


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7 responses to “Iambic Group Poem Needs a Title

  1. An interesting and compelling piece, especially when one realizes it was a committee project. Committees have difficulty agreeing on anything.


  2. I don’t have a title but the line, “She hopes to make the day a lasating friend.” is a wonderful stand alone affirmation. I enjoyed the read as a total work. I can’t imagine creating a work of art as a committee.


  3. Thanks George and Sheri. Yes, the experience of 12 people, or committee, creating three poems was heartwarming. We hadn’t met everyone before, (I knew only four participants), yet, we not only contributed with respect, creativity, and ease, we had lots of laughs and great fun!! Writers Rock!!


  4. Metronome :). Seems its all about marking time:)


  5. Hi,

    Thanks for your entry. I’ll include it on the contest page.


  6. How about Destiny?


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