My Story ALMOST Won Fifth Place


See my next post.


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11 responses to “My Story ALMOST Won Fifth Place

  1. blakeheitzman

    That is excellent. A lot of established writers participate in those contests.


  2. Carolyn Dekat

    Congratulations! That is awesome!


  3. Congratulations! Very cool.


  4. Fabulous, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve read that story in the CWC Literary Journal, and it was wonderful.


  5. Venkat Raman

    This is great! Congratulations!! Where can I find that story?


  6. ladywinfred

    Congratulations, Julaina. Very prestigious place to be — even almost fifth! I ditto the question above — where can I find it?


  7. Thank you all, but my new post today explains why I actually can’t reap the rewards. However, I’m very pleased that I actually placed 5th out of 1000. Knowing that is a reward in itself. Also, I’ve learned to be more organized when I send out my stories. I had forgotten what story I had submitted and when.


  8. To answer questions about where to find the story…it’s the first story in this year’s California Writers Club Literary Review and for those of you who don’t receive the review, I’ll email you a copy.


  9. ladywinfred

    I, too, would like a copy, Julaina. Thanks!


  10. I will email a copy to you, Venkat and Lady Winfred.


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