Ivory Coast Setting

Had dinner at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf with a friend and his family. I learned about the dust clouds, the high humidity, the unpaved streets, the beach, the culture, and now I’m inspired to use Africa’s Ivory Coast  for a short story setting.


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5 responses to “Ivory Coast Setting

  1. How we loved Fisherman’s Wharf and always made it at least once on every trip we made to San Francisco. Sharing dinner with friends always makes the adventure a lot more entertaining.


  2. We always made it to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner whenever we went to San Francisco. The atmosphere is almost magical, especially when the fog has moved it. Sharing dinner with friends makes the evening all the more pleasant.


    • Hi Sheri, The fog rolled in the night we were there and the view from the windows at the restaurant was spectacular. Our friend from the Ivory Coast said at certain times of the year, the sand cloud that moves in looks like the fog bank we saw, but the sand filters into everything. I’m glad we have fog and not sand.


  3. I plan to use San Francisco for a novel’s setting. However, my setting will be less touristy, less iconic S.F. It will be a crime thriller set in the Mission District.

    San Francisco provides so many fascinating spots to consider as background for a short story or even a full-length novel. We recently visited the Mosaic Stairs. Until a short while ago I didn’t even know they existed.


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