Poetry Contest Reminder

Remember, by September 15th, poems for my poetry contest are due. Several people said they would enter but so far, no one has. It doesn’t have to rhyme, but the theme is children. See my Contest Page at the top menu for submission details. No poetry experience needed. Judges will be poet friends of mine who don’t read my blog.


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3 responses to “Poetry Contest Reminder

  1. September 15 is like AGES away yet.


  2. Maybe on your planet.
    Hi Peter. I’m looking forward to your entry even if it’s at midnight on September 15th. Were you one of those people who crammed for tests at the last minute in college? I was too.


  3. By the way, Peter, do you remember Lilli in HADA’S FOG? She has her own page on my menu bar. We’re preparing to finish her novel from NaNoWriMo…called LILLI…of course. My first YA.


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