Character Becomes Alive

About ten years ago, I wrote a short story about a character that loved ambrosia. I titled the story “Ambrosia”. Yesterday, I saw, in real life, the character who was a real person, eating ambrosia. Her physical appearance and movements as she ate it were identical to my character.  The plot didn’t manifest, not yet anyway, but it was almost like a deja vu with a fictional character.


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7 responses to “Character Becomes Alive

  1. That’s kind of spooky…


    • Yes, it was kind of spooky and yet it wasn’t. I was mesmerized. I had written the story in a writing class and one person complained about the ending so I wrote two versions with different resolutions. One negative and one positive. I hope the real person has her own positive ending.


  2. I love ambrosia, it’s a long lost food group! Did you get her name?


  3. I never named the character. In fact, the whole story was like one big moment that we studied in class Monday. Thanks for asking. I agree that it’s a long lost food group, LOL.


  4. ladywinfred

    Eerie. Twilight Zone stuff!!


  5. Luckily I didn’t run away screaming. Actually, it was intriguing. Don’t know if that peek into the Zone will reoccur. It might get really eerie if it does.


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