Book Title Decisions

I’m still deciding on the title for our class genre sampler, or anthology is what some people like to call it.

The book started out as A Class of Muses, then Secrets, Surprises, and Smiles. I didn’t care for Smiles in the title, although our humorist, Stacey Gustafson certainly makes us smile with her essays. So I thought of Secrets, Surprises, and Wit. A couple people didn’t like the word wit, like I didn’t like the word smiles.

So, maybe it should be Secrets and Surprises.

Comments, insights, and preferences are appreciated.


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4 responses to “Book Title Decisions

  1. Gary Lea

    How about Secrets, Surprises, and Quips. Everyone should hate the word quip. Or Secrets, Surprises and Grins. I like that one best.


  2. ladywinfred

    How about A-Mused?


  3. How about Secrets,Smiles and Surprises !
    Ending with the three syllable word may flow easier off the NY Times Reviewers tongue as they recommend it – bet that made you smile ;;)


  4. I erroneously thought the SSS stood for Secrets, Surprises and Similes. I thought the word similes was in there to let the reader know the anthology was about the art of writing as much as what was written. Silly me.


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