Question about Posting Interviews

I intend to post an interview a week with authors that have stories, essays, and poems in my anthology, Written Across the Genres. I’d like to know if you’d like shorter interview posts or longer ones like Gary Lea’s whose is the first. Scroll down to see the length of Gary’s interview on my February 11th post.

I’ve wanted to keep my posts short and realized the interview was a long one. I can shorten future ones.

What are your thoughts?


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4 responses to “Question about Posting Interviews

  1. I appreciate the short and sweet.


  2. ladywinfred

    The Lea interview is certainly not cumbersomely long but I think shorter would be more reader-friendly in these times of flash, micro and distracted attention spans.


  3. I am sorry to have not seen this post before. I did have scheduling conflicts for the Tuesday night reading and would not have been able to make it up to Pleasanton. I live several hours away.


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