Written Across the Genres Reading Event at Bay Books

The Written Across the Genres reading/book signing event at Bay Books on Monday was a success. The store sold out on the copies we had to sell.  About 20 people were there and many writers read their short stories/essays/poems.

Feedback from people who have purchased the book is very positive. Everyone has different favorites, which proves we have a variety to please readers.

Next event will be in April.


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5 responses to “Written Across the Genres Reading Event at Bay Books

  1. fuzzyredsocks

    Hi Julaina, I just got my copy and have been enjoying reading everyone’s entries so much. Many I had heard parts of in class – so I feel as if I am back in the Monday morning class with all of you and it fills my heart with joy. Loved how the Boat Dock story turned out by the way. Thank you so much for making this incredible project happen. I miss you all.


    • Thanks, Carole. I’m happy you are enjoying our anthology. Yes, that first Dock story took quite a bit of effort to get it together and keep all the details in rational order. I’m pleased with how it turned out too. It’s my dad’s favorite.
      Miss you. Come back for a visit. And bring your guitar.


  2. fuzzyredsocks

    Thanks Julaina, watch what you wish for – I just might do that!


  3. Hi Julia,
    I will be participating with the Central Coast Writer’s branch of the California Writers Club in a booth at Pacific Grove’s Good Old Days festival on April 5th. We will be selling editions of books that feature our club members’ work. I have five copies of Written Across the Genres that I will be selling at that booth on Saturday morning. If there is anyone who would like to visit the booth they are welcome. If you have more copies than my five you would like to have sold there email me and let me know.


    • Hi Trinity,

      Thank you! How nice of you. I don’t have extra copies but you can always tell them it’s available on Amazon.I could send you some post cards or business cards to give out if you sell out of books, if you like. You can send me a direct message on Facebook with your address.

      I hope you sell them all.


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