New Poetry Contest Page Look at the Menu Above

Check the menu above for the new poetry contest page. The poem should include a theme about CHOICES,  maximum 20 lines, due April 30th. Winners will be published in my new CHOICES anthology  due to be published by the end of 2014. Press reply on the contest page (not here) to enter your poem. Notice, your entry might not post until I approve of it. I don’t check my blog until the evening hours, so there may be a delay.


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2 responses to “New Poetry Contest Page Look at the Menu Above

  1. Vee


    I stand on my side of the river.
    You stand on the opposite bank,
    our pain mirrored in the water.

    I cry out, “Come across.”
    You cringe, turn away.
    I don’t understand.

    Softly I say, “Please.”
    You hold your ears;
    my word falls short.

    I wade into the torrent,
    to meet you part way.
    Icy chill stops my breath.

    You put one foot in,
    pull it right out,
    tell me no, you can’t.

    I crawl back to shore.
    Legs frozen, my body
    shivers in the wind.

    The words of healing remain unsaid.
    The current of pain is too strong.


  2. Love Scent

    I enjoyed
    your gaze,
    your endless
    gazing at me
    Your eyes
    into me,
    echoing the
    old longing,
    poking life
    into me with a
    love scent,
    a sweet, silent
    love scent.
    This joy
    was ours
    By Mary Lou Haugh


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