Written Across the Genres Book Signing at Pacific Grove

Trinity Adler, who wrote the poem “Hope” in Written Across the Genres, invited other anthology contributors to come to Pacific Grove Good Old Days Festival this Saturday, April 5th, from noon to 2 p.m. Trinity will have five copies of the book for sale and signing.

Thanks, Trinity.


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4 responses to “Written Across the Genres Book Signing at Pacific Grove

  1. If you come to visit Pacific Grove this weekend for the signing, look for the Central Coast Writer’s Club or CCW booth. The town closes off Lighthouse Ave. for the festival. You will be able to find plenty of free parking along the side streets and in nearby parking lots.


    • Hi Trinity,

      How was the festival? Did you sell all the books?



      • The festival was lovely. One book sold, there were many authors and their books at the booth so I was happy with that. A good number of people saw the anthology so now more folks are aware of it. I have homes for the rest of my copies. The cover is so eye catching. You did a beautiful job with this book.


        • Thanks, Trinity, and I’m happy the festival was a success.

          By the way, my next anthology will be about Choices. I have a contest again. Look up on the top menu bar of this blog. I’m accepting short stories/essays too. 3500 word limit. I’d like to include some of your work.


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