Redwood Writers Conference in Santa Rosa

I attended the Redwood Writers Conference on Saturday with Julie Royce, author of PILZ. We enjoyed hearing Ransom Stephens and Dana Gioia. I met Brooke Warner and her marketing and publishing packages are inspiring. The organizing team added the “First Page Critique” session. Two literary agents gave their reactions to first pages submitted by conference attendees. “An insider’s view into that make-or-break moment.” Everyone I talked to wants the critique session to be expanded and continued at the next conference. It was a pleasure to spend a day with writers.


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4 responses to “Redwood Writers Conference in Santa Rosa

  1. Dana Gioia and R.S. Gwynn wrote/compiled The Art of the Short Story one of my text books. It is an amazing piece of work and collection of fantastic short story fiction. I’ve used in it two classes and probably in a third class this fall. I wish I had been there with you.


  2. That’s always a great conference! Hope to attend next year!


  3. Definitely a worthwhile conference. Thanks for inviting me to attend. From the replies you’ve gotten, it looks like there may be a few more Tri-Valley CWC members at the next one.


  4. I think the Redwood Conference is held only every two years. Camille went the same year I did which was my first time. We both got awards for our short stories in the contest that time.
    George, it would be great if you had come with us.


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