Throw things together

Great example of finding better verbs for our stories.

Violet's Vibes


My crime fiction novel is shaping up, but I’m tossing words back and forth, searching for appropriate synonyms. They evaded me, so I took a break from manuscript revisions.

Hour glass-animated

I leafed through a California magazine filled with glossy photos of enticing pools surrounded by lush backyards—sinful in the current drought. I glanced at recipes that five-star chefs, not fledgling authors, favor. Trendy restaurants and tourist spots framed the page for readers without a backyard or a chef’s palate. Then my eyes fell on throw in a brief description beneath a potter’s photo.


I’ve used throw for everything from a baseball pitcher aiming for a strikeout to a neighbor sailing a Frisbee though the air with a dog in salivating chase. I’ve added throw to the dark side where it meant intentionally losing a competitive game, a race, or a contract. I’ve even described dropping trash into a dumpster as throwing…

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