Say that again

Misplaced modifiers sneak into our writing, but if we catch them, they’re good for laughs. Violet tells us about a mustache weighing 150 pounds, a chair tying its shoes, and a dog packing up for college.

Violet's Vibes

Pill BottleHeart

In a search for heart medication information, I read this this important warning.

Do not take this medication if you have ever had a heart attack without first consulting your physician.

What if I don’t have time to get my physician’s permission before I call nine one one?

But, of course, the message was a warning that anyone with a history of heart attacks should avoid this medication. It’s a simple case of a misplaced modifier.

How about this twisted sentence?


The new student sat in the corner seat wearing blue running shoes.

Wish I could have seen that chair tying its shoes.

Special thanks to Dr. L. Kip Wheeler, Carson-Newman College, Jefferson, Tennessee for these two hilarious examples of misplaced modifiers.


The robber was described as a six foot-tall man with brown hair and blue eyes and a mustache weighing 150 pounds.

That thief must have had a…

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4 responses to “Say that again

  1. Julaina, thanks for reblogging “Say that again.”


  2. You’re welcome, Vi. I like your examples and the moving photos.


  3. Cynthia

    Thanks for posting this. I love it !!!!!


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