Writing Body Language with Gestures

fingers to face gestureWhen writers describe body language, it’s often done with one simple sentence, such as Viv furrowed her brow. The meaning can be misleading without supportive evidence in how she’s feeling. Is she confused? Is she angry with what was said? Or is she in pain? Gesture clusters reveal more accurate information.

For instance in this photo, the index finger points up the cheek and covers the mouth. Some variations could include the second finger covering the mouth and the thumb under the chin. The main indicator is the index finger pointing upward with the other fingers’ positions supporting the emotion.

What is he thinking? That gesture shows he is having critical thoughts about what he hears. He’s not convinced. His body language could be saying, “I’m holding back my negative thoughts about what is presented.” If he is in a sitting position, his legs might be crossed because he is not open to changing his mind. His other arm might be crossed over his rib cage indicating defense for his opposing opinion.

When writing body language show more than one simple gesture. Think of the power of three to make a gesture cluster.


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4 responses to “Writing Body Language with Gestures

  1. ladywinfred

    Another great writing tool and thanks to your “power of three” for a gesture cluster, easy to remember. Keep ’em coming, Julaina. I’m learning a lot!!!!!!


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