What Are You Reading?

Open book on top of three closedSince October is National Reading Group Month, are you in a reading group?

I’m not. But if I were, I’d request the group members read The Gravity of Birds, by Tracy Guzeman.

Here in the East Bay of San Francisco, the forecast is rain tomorrow, which we need for our drought. It was cloudy and windy today. I was happy to curl up with Guzeman’s book. Her settings put me right with the characters and I found myself hanging out with people I probably wouldn’t in real life. But they are my friends now and I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next. TheGravityofBirds-158x240I should have been writing the last half of the next chapter in my novel, but the artist and the men who acquisition art in Guzeman’s book tore me away from the computer. It’s not just an excuse not to write, it was a special treat for me since I don’t schedule enough reading time.

What are you reading? Or what book have you finished lately?


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10 responses to “What Are You Reading?

  1. I just finished two books – The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd and Ready For A Brand New Beat: How “Dancing in the Street” Became the Anthem for a Changing America by Mark Kurlansky. Kidd’s novel is about two real-life sisters, Sarah Grimke and Angelina Grimke Weld, the first women to speak to major audiences against slavery. They were born to wealth and privilege in Charleston, SC, but rejected it all to advocate for abolition and women’s rights. Kurlansky’s book is a wonderful analysis of music, resistance and the will of people – as individuals and a group. Reading about people reaching beyond the limitations of their circumstances in 1830 and 1964 will definitely appear in my writing sometime.


    • Hi Lani,
      I have The Invention of Wings on my To Read Stack. Sue Monk Kidd is one of my favorite authors. When I taught in a classroom for many years, I had my students read about the Grimke sisters. By the way, I looked at your blog and your fabric designs are very interesting. Are you submitting to the Winterfest this year?
      Thanks for stopping by.


      • Elaine Schmitz

        The reading group I mentioned just finished reading and discussing The Invention of Wings. All there agreed it was a great book – well-written and fascinating. I chose the book for 2 reasons. The first is that I’ve read 2 other books by Kidd and they were interesting, thoughtful, and resonated with me. The second was that it reminded me of another book we had read on the same subject, I wanted us to compare the two to inform our writing with what worked best between the two. We had a very fruitful discussion and learned a lot.


  2. Elaine Schmitz

    We’d be honored if you joined our book club – for writers across the genres in order to study what works in writing. 1 mtg a month, 2nd Mon., after your Dublin class.


  3. I just started reading Gillian Flynn’s GONE GIRL and am completely mesmerized. Flynn is a stunning writer so I’m taking lots of notes as I read along.


    • I’m not as brave as you, Lady Winfred. From the previews and what I’ve heard people say, GONE GIRL, would scare me. I’m a wimp with those kind of stories. Let me know how you like it when you’re finished with it.


  4. Emily De Falla

    I have figured it out! The real reason everyone wants to be a writer is so that they have a great excuse to read good books all day long – and be able to say “I’m working!”



    • LOL, Emily. Reading is not only a must for a reader, it’s a bonus. So what are you reading?
      Remember to stop by class when you have time. It would be good to see you.


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