Writer Interview Art Tenbrink

P1110300-002.JPG Art T

Art Tenbrink has a novel excerpt in my anthology, Written Across the Genres. It’s titled Sea Healing. His stories have been published in various anthologies and he also writes Haiku. He likes to challenge his readers to explore human connections.

Here is the interview with Art Tenbrink.

Julaina: How did you get the idea for Sea Healing?

Art: I’ve been wanting to write an adventure about a character that puts the parts of his life together while his body is going to pieces.

Julaina: What is a writing day like for you?

Art: Due to my other commitments, I have to continue to prioritize my writing and make regular times to focus on my novel. I work best when I have due dates.

Julaina: What do you enjoy about writing?

Art:  I enjoy writing that flows from a deep “creative source” so that my writing is like a channel that my characters use to get me to put their story on pages.

Julaina: What is the difficult part of writing for you?

Art: Many aspects of writing are difficult. In addition to following a scheduled time to write, the many revisions that are needed.

Julaina: What are you working on now?

Art: Finishing Sea Healing and working on the revisions needed.

Julaina: Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Art: Just do it. Write the best book you can. Keep the faith that you can do it. Seek and accept all the help available.

Julaina: Thanks, Art. Looking forward to your novel in print.

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