Legends in your Story

mythOne instructor of a writing class told the members to add a legend or myth to the story. One whose elements would reflect an aspect of the plot or character. In my novel, Norman in the Painting, I’ve tried to think of a myth that continues by word of mouth in the small town where Jill, the protagonist, lives. I’ve thought of a few but I don’t know how to relate any of them to the story. Maybe it will be easier when I’ve finished the book and then I’ll have to go back and filter it into some of the chapters.

Do you have a legend in your work in progress?


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2 responses to “Legends in your Story

  1. ladywinfred

    That’s a difficult but intriguing idea. I’ll be very interested to see what you come up with and how you use it. You go, girl!!!!


  2. tanda

    Yes I do have a legend in my work in progress, which actually contains aspects of the protagonist and the plot. I’m a pantser (if I got that right), so I couldn’t tell you how it crept in.


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