Black Friday Shoppers

Violet's Vibes


My headlights sent a beam down the country road, slicing the early morning darkness as I drove toward town. I parked in a crowded lot, then hurried to claim my spot in the short queue outside the glass double doors of Wal-Mart, the newest, and only, big box store in our small Louisiana town.

Hour glass-animatedThe line lengthened and snaked into the parking lot. Minutes ticked by. Impatient people behind me jockeyed for an additional inch of pavement. The frenzy escalated as a hesitant man inside approached the doors, key in hand. A single click, an inch of space from the threshold to the top of the door jam, then …


I stepped to the right inside, leaned against the closed snack bar, and watched. Individuals raced empty carts like chariots in “The Gladiator.” Coordinated shopping quads split, scurrying like mice startled by a bright light. One raced toward televisions, a…

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