Do You Have a Kindle?

kindleDo you have a Kindle?

Do you like it?

I have one and I order several free or $.99 special books on it. But I don’t use it unless I’m going on a trip and I don’t want to take several books with me. Every time, the battery needs charging, which shows me that I don’t use it enough. It’s not that I don’t like it. I prefer a real book.

I like to underline and mark special points and excellent writing while I’m reading. I can find my notations on the printed pages quickly. The Kindle has the feature to underline, but it takes more effort to go back and find the notes. With the Kindle, I like the ability to change the size of the font and to be able to order a book and have it immediately. However, I write on the computer for many hours. I prefer not to read on another screen. I want a nice change with a printed book, to feel the binding and the cover, to turn the pages like I have since I was in grade school. That’s the reason why the Kindle sits on my shelf.

Do you use yours more than I do?


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7 responses to “Do You Have a Kindle?

  1. elainewebster100

    I love, love, love my Kindle and carry it everywhere with me. Even with all the controversy, I’m a huge Amazon fan. Without them, my own titles would have never been for sale. I support my local library by borrowing books on line and managing my Kindle though my author account. It’s pure fun to sit on the library’s website and search for my next read, order it and see it magically appear on my devise–all for free. If I lose interest in the title I simply return it electronically.I can now afford to take more chances with books, I wouldn’t normally want to buy and if I do want to purchase them, it’s a click away. As a result I’m reading more than I have in years. I also support my friends’ books by ordering the Kindle versions as they become available and conveniently offer reviews.

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  2. My husband bought me a Kindle a few years ago because we had long since outgrown our bookshelves and he was tired of me using the stacks of unread books as end tables. I use my Kindle for vacation reading, and also for titles that are ruinously expensive as hard cover – mostly non-fiction, which rarely make it to paperback. My husband likes to search out-of-print titles that will likely never be re-released as anything but an ebook. We continue to buy physical books, but the digital option has proven very useful.

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  3. Lani, I know what you mean about books becoming end tables. I just sorted mine about a week ago and I was brave enough to make a stack for give-as-recycled-gifts. It’s hard to part with them. You pointed out another advantage of Kindle that the books are always there.


  4. My brother works for Amazon, in charge of reliability for the Kindle. Guess what, I don’t have one. However, I do have a Kindle app on my PC, and it is nice to download immediately, and the cost is so nominal. I too work all day on my computer and prefer paper, although I find being able to search and highlight, especially with reference works, on Kindle is really nice.
    There is no substitute for the real book. My youngest son has followed in the hard copy tradition and when he moves he lugs along trunks and trunks of BOOKS, along with his electronics.


    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by. That is funny that you don’t have a Kindle and your brother works for Amazon. Hard copies of books are heavy. My father, 88 years old, waits for paperbacks but refuses to read on a Kindle. I can imagine your son lugging trunks of hard copy books. He is devoted. Nice to hear from you.

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  5. Sally Kimball

    Hi, I have a Nook and love it. It was a gift from a friend when he upgraded to the newer Nook. I live in a small condo so not much room for books, although I LOVE BOOKS!


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