NorCal Gully Washer

Violet's Vibes

This former Louisianan once accustomed to ten times the California rainfall stayed inside her Northern California (NorCal) abode today, not even venturing out to the mailbox during the gully washer. How strong is a gully washer? A rainstorm a couple of notches stronger than raining cats and dogs.

Raining cats and dogs

We have lots of gullies here in the East San Francisco Bay area, but this storm didn’t stick to surrounding mountains, valley ravines, and nature trails. It poured over rock-solid parched ground, raced over concrete sidewalks, and created lakes on streets, drowning floundering automobiles. It toppled trees and filled gutters with debris. Right now, water pours from a clogged rain gutter, cascading outside my window like Yosemite Falls.

Rain Gutter Inspection

Meteorologists attribute this storm to the “Pineapple Express,” extra moisture from the tropics. But, I admit it’s my fault. Well, maybe I share the responsibility with Californians who berated the weather forecasters and scolded…

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