British Revolutions: Kings, Queens, and Knaves

Britain relief mapOsher Lifelong Learning Institute in Berkeley, California, offers a great course on “British Revolutions: Kings, Queens, and Knaves” taught by Bruce Elliott. The link below shows a video of Elliott speaking about the class that’s held on Tuesdays from January 27th to March 3rd. In this session, he will be covering the periods from Renaissance Kingship (1509) to Victorian England (1900).

Anyone who is writing historical fiction from those four centuries would enjoy his course that “highlights the revolutionary stages and leading characters – the respectable and less-respectable individuals who set the tone for their times.” My friend, Hella Tsaconas of highly recommends Elliott’s courses.


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2 responses to “British Revolutions: Kings, Queens, and Knaves

  1. I have taken many classes with Bruce Elliot over the years and always find his teaching fresh and inspiring. I have particularly fond memories of meeting Bruce because I use to take my dear mom to his classes. Besides enjoying his teaching and find myself really learning what I felt I missed in college, I take them in memory of her and the fun we had going together.


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