Book Recommendation The Shadow of the Wind

The shadow of the windHas anyone read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and could comment on it here? I’m not sure how I found it on Goodreads. I think I was looking for The Quickening by Michelle Hoover and discovered The Cemetery of Forgotten Books series by Zafon. The Shadow of the Wind is the first in the series.

It received mixed reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, but I can’t resist a cemetery of forgotten books. One reviewer said Zafon created a labyrinthian library where each book wants a chance to live by being part of a new reader’s life.

Another reviewer quoted from the book: “Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The first time someone visits this place, he must choose a book and adopt it, making sure that it will never disappear, that it will always stay alive.”

Michael Dirda from The Washington Post called it “scary, erotic, touching, tragic and thrilling.” And Stephen King said, “One gorgeous read.”  I usually avoid scary books, but I want to read about that library. The title is a hook for me too. The wind has a shadow?

Let me know if you’ve read it and if it was super scary.


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4 responses to “Book Recommendation The Shadow of the Wind

  1. ladywinfred

    The book sounds intriguing: “scary, erotic, touching, tragic, thrilling and gorgeous” — my, my, my! I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks, Jules.


  2. Gary Lea

    I thought it sounded so intriguing, I placed a hold on it at the library. There are several copies in the Contra Costa County library and they are all out. I am no. 3 on the hold list. So it doesn’t look like it is in the “cemetery”.


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