Are You (s)Mothering Your Characters? A Quick Checklist

This post is longer than what I write, but I thought you would like it as I did.


I just finished a scene for book 2 of my Citizens of Logan Pond trilogy. The scene ended with an emotional moment. I was tired and walked away before I’d completely polished it off, figuring I’d do that this morning.

But this morning, I realized what I wanted to do, where I thought it needed  polishing:

I wanted to go in and find something to comfort my main character. She just lost someone important to her, and she was hurting badly. I wanted to come up with something in that moment to ease her pain. Either a memory. A person. A sudden burst of hope for the future.

In short, I was mothering her. She was hurting. I was ready to swoop in and put a band-aid on it.

As soon as I realized what I was about to do, I stopped. And then I realized how often I do this with my…

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2 responses to “Are You (s)Mothering Your Characters? A Quick Checklist

  1. Sally Kimball

    So glad you sharing and great timing, tomorrow is my day to rework the main character’s personality and her insecurities.


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