The Male Brain vs. The Female Brain. Boxed in, out or just plain Boxed?

This 5:13 minute talk is not only funny, but could help a writer to use the information in writing the difference between female and male characters.


ronovanwritesMark Gungor is a man who speaks around the nation about of all things . . . marriage. Yes, after you watch this, he still does continue to speak on the subject and in all honesty I think it’s because he’s dead right and not afraid to say it.

You may find some things he says to be stereotyping but guess what? There is a reason they have those weird laws in your town like, don’t tie your giraffe to a lamp post in Atlanta, GA, or in Idaho you cannot fish from the back of a camel.

It’s because it’s happened. Stereotyping man and woman has been in the millennia in the making. Sit back, click, and enjoy without any guilt the truth that is the male brain and the female brain.

What are some things you’ve noticed are different between the male and female brain?

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2 responses to “The Male Brain vs. The Female Brain. Boxed in, out or just plain Boxed?

  1. ladywinfred

    Watched the video and laughed out loud right along with the audience. I don’t know how close he got to the female brain, but he definitely nailed the male one. Boxes, indeed, especially the favorite empty one. I did want to slap him when he genuflected before addressing the female brain, but hey, he’s a male, right? Enough said. Thanks for finding and sharing this important scientific “study.”



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