Link for Story Ideas

story starters spin machineHere is a link for story ideas/Writer Igniter:

Press the big bar that says shuffle and specific words from four columns stop after spinning for a few seconds.

For my first shuffle, I received:  Psychic meets new roommate with a silver quill on the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

My second shuffle: Bronze Olympian must make a hard sacrifice with a secret recipe in Paris.

The setting column has photos. Visuals add to inspiration. If I didn’t have several works in progress now, those two prompts could lead to a couple good stories.

If you aren’t a writer, it’s fun to read the sentences you receive.

Try it and let me know the results of your shuffle.


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8 responses to “Link for Story Ideas

  1. What fun. If I start another writing project, I’ll have to leave home!


  2. ladywinfred

    Way the fun. Thanks, Julaina. I have it bookmarked for those rainy days when my muse is hiding in a cave.



  3. Sally Kimball

    The first one: Jewelry Thief, discovers a loved one isn’t what he or she seems, someone else’s spouse. Well, this might work.
    The second one: Marathon Runner, stands up to bully, embarrassing physical traits. This one not for me to pursue.

    I saved the site to my reading list for when I need inspiration and ideas.
    Thanks for sharing this site.


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