The View on ABC Today Independent Dressing

Runway of dreams indepenndent dressingOn The View this morning,

Mindy Scheier shown here with her husband, talked about  a way for differently-abled children and adults to dress independently. When I had a middle school classroom with twelve to fifteen students who needed help with every day tasks, Mindy’s additions to clothing  would have made my job and my assistants’ job much easier.

The Scheiers’ son was born with a very rare form of muscular dystrophy called rigid spine. Mindy wanted him to have a normal life and to do as much as possible what other children do. He wanted to wear clothes like his peers but since he is unable to use buttons, he couldn’t wear jeans or shirts like other children. She developed “Runway of Dreams, the authority on adapting mainstream clothing.” view independent dressing

The statistics, 1 in 20 children between 5 and 18 are differently-abled, are surprising. And before Mindy’s idea, there were no mainstream clothing options.

Her son and other children demonstrated the ease of independently dressing in a fashion show on The View, a heartwarming story to watch.


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4 responses to “The View on ABC Today Independent Dressing

  1. ladywinfred

    Wow, Julaina. Inspiring and beautiful. Thank you.



  2. Seeing that fashion show with those beautiful children made my day!


    • It made my day too, Camille. They reminded me of the four years I taught special ed classes and how proud the students were when they learned something they could do for themselves.


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