Flash Fiction Dragon Needs a Name

green dragonI’m writing a flash fiction story with a dragon in it. He’s a good dragon and the protagonist will be a dragon rider. I imagine him to be similar to this picture. I’d like to get some ideas on what to call him. Any thoughts for a name?

Thanks to Jordan Bernal, author of The Keepers of Eire, (on amazon) for the inspiration.


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6 responses to “Flash Fiction Dragon Needs a Name

  1. ladywinfred

    Trigger? Silver (Hi Ho)? Flicka?


  2. Lyn Morris-Smith commented on this post when she saw it on LinkedIn. She said, “How about using one of the original terms for them, or a derivative of one…? Greek mythology: Drákōn // Latin draconem (nominative DRACO) //Southeast Asian dragon-like creature is a NAGA // a dragon in Japanese is TATSU //Vietnamese dragon is the symbol of ‘YANG’, representing the universe //India : VRITRA was also known in the VEDAS as Ahi (“snake”) (Sanskrit: अहि),[11] and he is said to have had three heads. In later Puranic mythology he came to be identified with an ASURA // .Slavic mythology, the words “zmey”, “zmiy” or “zmaj


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