Protagonist Takes on Environmental Issues

plastic bottles into fences for JIll ideaIn my novel, Norman in the Painting, Jill, the protagonist, is passionate about environmental issues and about helping the homeless. She researches issues such as landfill problems. The following are today’s statistics she finds:

22 billion plastic bottles ended up in landfills last year. National Geographic, Green Guide.

It takes thousands of years for plastic bottles to decompose. Union of Concerned Scientists.

Bisphenol A (BPA) can leach into the contents of food or drinks from some types of plastic bottles. Chicago Tribune.

Since Norman travels to parallel universes, Jill asks him if environmental problems exist there too. One in particular is worse than where Jill lives.  The people became poverty stricken because of climate change, and they’ve learned to use plastic bottles for houses, furniture, light fixtures, and fences. They banned plastic from their landfills. Jill attempts to tell her government about the future devastation if chages aren’t made now. Do you think they listen to her?

Plastic bottle couchPlastic bottles lampplastic bottle house with grassplastic bottles with line through

Plastic bottles remain for 1000 years


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  1. ladywinfred

    Far out!! Love the house.


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