Some Luck by Jane Smiley

Smiley's Some LuckOur reading group met today to discuss The Aegean Dream  by Dario Ciriello, which was the book picked for last month. Linda and Dario Ciriello moved to Greece in 2006. Through their experiences, we learned about the beauty and the challenges of living on the island of Skopelos. After reading the book, I feel as if I’ve gone there with them.

This month’s pick is Some Luck by Jane Smiley who is the 1992 Pulitzer Prize winner for A Thousand Acres. I’ve been to a book signing where she talked and I’ve heard her speak at a couple of conferences. I enjoyed three of Smiley’s books: Barn Blind, At Paradise Gate, and Duplicate Keys. She develops outstanding characters. I’m looking forward to meeting new ones in Some Luck.

Have you read any of Jane Smiley’s books?


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2 responses to “Some Luck by Jane Smiley

  1. I downloaded the book to my Kindle and will be taking it with me on vacation. I look forward to our next book club discussion.


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