Novel Revision on My Mind

IMG_1616Outside at a friend’s party in Pleasanton to see tonight’s sunset.

IMG_1640On the patio after the stunning view. I’m thinking of the changes I need to make on one page in my novel before tomorrow morning. It’s the last day of Jessica Barksdale’s writing retreat. Each participant will read a revision of a page that needs clarification.  My assignment is  where I wrote that Jill’s sister inherited the family home. People wondered why Jill didn’t get half of the inheritance. The real reason is explained several chapters later, but Jessica suggested I at least write how Jill felt about it.

Back to work on it at midnight.


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2 responses to “Novel Revision on My Mind

  1. ladywinfred

    Wow! Nice view and don’t you look lovely in firelight. Hope the retreat has veen all you hoped for.


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