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joel Friedlander

Joel Friedlander

Nina Amir

Nina Amir

Today I listened to a replay of a youtube presentation by Nina Amir and Joel Friedlander. I have Nina’s book titled How to Blog a Book, but this webinar expanded the opportunities that she explained in her book . She has teamed up with Friedlander to package several templates and a guidebook to aid writers in blogging a book or to book a blog. She explained the difference in the terms and explained the steps, disadvantages, and advantages of both.

Sometimes I watch the clock for a webinar to be over, however with this one, I didn’t think of the time. Nina’s presentation was clear, concise, and inspiring.

Thanks Nina and Joel.


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3 responses to “Blogging Books and Book a Blog

  1. nevajhodges

    Hi Julaina, I ordered Nina Amir’s book on How to Blog a Book. My book is in the hands of a professional editor for, hopefully, the last changes. Then I’ll be ready for the task of picking a cover, etc. and how to publish it, ebook, or something. I need to do some research about what I’ll do. Thanks for writing about Nina’s book.

    Neva J. Hodges (Janie)


    • Congratulations on you progress with your book, Neva, that’s fabulous. I’m happy you bought Nina’s book. If you can find the YouTube of her and Joel Friedlander about templates to use to blog a book, the process seems easier with what they have to offer (at a very reasonable price) than doing it all on your own. See if you can find it otherwise, I can email Nina with your url to advise you on how to get that presentation. I know her from SFWC.


    • Neva, did you get my email with the link that I sent this evening?


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