A Quote About Travel

book open to first page

“The world is a book,
And those who do not travel,
Read only a page.”

By Saint Augustine

To me, reading a book is traveling. When I read Aegean Dream by Dario Ciriello, I felt as if I had gone to the Island of Skopelos. When something reminds me about the book, I can imagine the places he described as if I were there. I hear the people speaking Greek, I feel the outside and the insides of the buildings during the day and night. I smell and feel the soap his wife made.

I finished Jane Smiley’s Some Luck and I know that Iowa farm plus the neighboring farms. She wrote a series and I bought the second book so I could return to Iowa.

Our reading group chose Run by Ann Patchett for this month’s book. I’m right there– Massachusetts in the snow (even if it’s a hot day where I live in California).

I’ve traveled to many countries and states in the past, but with all the hassle to fly these days, I’d rather be home with a book. It’s my favorite way to travel.   What do you think of Saint Augustine’s quote?book and candle


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3 responses to “A Quote About Travel

  1. ladywinfred

    With all the hassle to travel anywhere by any means these days makes travelling by book definitely my mode of choice these days. Loved the quote.


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