Story Prompts About Characters Meeting

Miles Apart

The romance genre isn’t the only one to have two people miles apart who come closer and meet. If you aren’t a romance writer, think of a story line that brings two characters together. In a  mystery or thriller, one could be a criminal and the other a law enforcer who knows about the criminal and waits for him to arrive. Make the reader care for both characters while you build tension in the arc.You could show the meeting from two viewpoints in alternating chapters or scenes.

In historical fiction, research two important figures whose meeting makes a difference in their society. Maybe add the difficulty of neither of them understanding the other’s language.

In YA (young adult), two girls who were best friends in school were heartbroken when one had to move away, but a couple years later she moves back. How does the one that remained feel about her friend’s return? Has her life changed and does she wonder if the other girl will fit into her life now?

Similar circumstances can be created in fantasy, westerns, women’s fiction, or any other genre.

Take a few minutes to brainstorm and let me know if any ideas worked.

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  1. ladywinfred

    Think I’ll give it a try. — think outside the box and see what peers out at me. Thanks.


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