Multimillion-Dollar Book Deals

What do these books have in common?

Pope John's Crossing Thresh

August 1, 1994 by Alfred A. Knopf Publishing House.

Colin Powell book

Random House Publishing Company

Autobiograpy Ronald Reagan by him

Published in early 1990’s.

E L Doctorow's book

August 1, 1975 publishing record for paperback rights

Pope John Pall II was paid a record-breaking $8.75 million advance for his book, a collection of essays addressing moral and theological questions It became a best-seller.

Army General Colin Powell’s autobiography brought him $6 million, and it became one of the fastest selling books in America.

Ronald Reagan and Marlon Brando received multimillion-dollar advances for their autobiographies. E.L. Doctorow’s Ragtime set a publishing record on this day in 1975 at $1.85 million for the paperback rights.

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