Prince George’s Treehouse – Don’t Try This At Home

They probably have a staff person watching out for him at a distance so he can have alone time.

Violet's Vibes

My fiction novel critique group is one of the best for reality checks. From how many seconds it takes for a body to fall from a San Francisco skyscraper roof to driving hours from Arizona to Texas, they question the reality. Things like a locked vehicle left in the parking lot, then idling at the curb in the next chapter cause eyebrows to raise during the discussion. As a group, they help individual writers avoid obvious mistakes that stop the reader. Question

Esther Crain, the author in this Yahoo Parenting publication, should have submitted her story about Prince George’s new hideaway to my critique group for a reality fact check.

“When Prince George needs a little alone time, he retreats to this recently refurbished thatched-roof treehouse, built for his dad, Prince William, in 1989, when he was a boy.”

Alone time for a two-year old?

Dog pulling luggage

“He’s always lived in grand style:…

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