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under constructionHi Everyone,

We had trouble importing followers to my new site:

and changing this site to a new domain name: Julaina Kleist-Corwin.

Since I haven’t heard from many of you since the launch in August, I’d appreciate knowing if it is because you didn’t know the URL for the new site (because  followers didn’t make it there), or ???

Since I changed this domain name, I intend to work both blogs. The new one will continue to be about writing.

This site  I’d like to be more interactive with you being able to post here too. Plus posting more photos with themes, for instance photos of you writers with your pet, pictures of your favorite writing space, short short essays and stories you’ like to share, etc.

I’m planning to post essays by the members of my writing class and their short shorts of an object as a character, for instance “Freddy the Footstool”. Stay tuned but please let me know if you have been receiving posts from the new site.

Thanks so much,


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