Visions in the Painting

Below are some comments on what people see in this painting by Ron Toryfter:

Acrylic Small

Painting by Ron Toryfter

Gary S. Lea A magician with smoke and mirrors. Maybe a politician.

Julaina Kleist  Gary…..I see a figure too, a bit different than your magician or politician. I wonder what else people see. Thanks for commenting, Gary S. Lea.

Carol Hofmann Looks like an angel to me.

Mary F. Larson Flowers first thought.

Julaina Kleist Thanks Carol Hofmann and Mary F. Larson.

To me, Julaina Kleist, I see a tall woman with a yellow head, her right arm reaching upwards with her maroon cape hanging down from it. Her left arm around a yellow form, possibly a gemstone rock. The larger red form on her right could be a gemstone rock too. She looks pregnant, yellow middle. She’s in a green dress with blue decoration on the hem.

I was married to the artist and I know he didn’t have thoughts about what it revealed. He loved painting the colors.

Thank you all for participating.

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