The Oldest Albatross Lays an Egg

Oldest albaytoss lays an egg

(Photo: USFWS/Facebook)

This Laysan albatross, named Wisdom, is 64 years old and it is estimated she has raised as many as 36 chicks in her lifetime. The breeding male and female of this species produce one egg  a year and rear the chick for six months.  The rest of the time they fly and scan  for food. The estimate for Wisdom’s flights total more than 6 million miles.

Information about these albatrosses came from the link above. offers many topics besides unusual animals and birds.

Wikipedia quoted the United States Fish and Wildlife Services, “Wisdom’s continued contribution to the fragile albatross population is remarkable and important. Her health and dedication have led to the birth of other healthy offspring which will help recover albatross populations on Laysan and other islands.”[6]

Wisdom is documented to be the oldest wild bird  in the 90- year history  of the North American Bird Banding Program.

What would you name Wisdom’s newest chick?

If the chick could talk, what would be his/her first sentence?


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres

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