National Puppy Day Is March 23rd

Puppy Day

Did you know that March 23rd is National Puppy Day? I didn’t.

Anthony Venutolo wrote an article click here where he said,

“According to its official web site, the day of observance was set up to acknowledge their unconditional love as well as raise awareness about the atrocities of puppy mills and to help save orphaned pups worldwide.

While their web site says that while they support responsible breeders, the purpose of the day is to also encourage families to adopt a pup first and foremost.

The day of observance was created by pet, family and lifestyle expert Colleen Paige. Her mission was to raise awareness for pets by founding National Puppy Day along with National Cat Day and National Dog Day.”

Puppies 2 in basket

If you have a dog protagonist, You could add a celebration of National Puppy Day.

Children’s picture books are selling, so if you want to write one, you could include National Puppy Day.

Pictures of your puppies are welcome in the comment section.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Editor of Written Across the Genres click here

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