Milestones, people power and the OMG effect

Have you experienced the OMG’s?

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It doesn’t matter what we are doing, consciously or not, we all seem to set ourselves arbitrary milestones. Some decide on them in advance, creating a deliberate goal that is as firmly fixed as a guiding star, others simply recognise them in passing, but whether it is a chosen goal or a surprise, we will nod in its direction, acknowledging its presence as we pass.

Blogging is no different. Some are professional in their approach and goals; they start with a definite purpose and the numbers matter because they generate revenue through advertising or paid services. Others are writers building the obligatory platform from their garret and who find, in the discipline of blogging, a tool with which to hone their craft. Yet others blog for the love of it… for pleasure or to share a passion or viewpoint, to highlight a cause or just because they can. For all…

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2 responses to “Milestones, people power and the OMG effect

  1. You continue to inspire as I forge my path. Your want to fulfill your dreams lights a flame within me. When negativity raises its head, and whispers, “You have nothing important to share,” did you entertain those doubts and fears? And if so, I am thankful you didn’t listen.


  2. Thank you, Sally, for your eloquent comment. Yes, my goal is to inspire others, I’m happy I could do that for you. Onward…


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