Happy May And Muse With Sheryl Bernstein

Sheryl Bernstein's bannerMy friend Sheryl Bernstein sent this interesting newsletter:

Tis the Merry Month of May! Makes me think of Mother May I, MayDay MayDay, May Poles. And Mother’s Day.

Curious, I googled ”What’s the meaning of May”. There were many interesting entries.

Like this from Webster’s New World Dictionary:



  1. used to express ability or power: now generally replaced by can
  2. used to express possibility or likelihood: it may rain
  3. used to express permission: you may go
  4. used to express contingency, as in clauses of purpose, result, concession, or condition: they died that we may be free
  5. used in exclamations and apostrophes to express a wish, hope, or prayer: may he rest in peace
  6. LAW shall; must

Wrapped up in this little 3 letter word (MAY) is a lot of power, permission, and possibility. Got me to thinking, how many times have I thought I needed permission to go after the possibility that was in my head. Needed a contingency, a clause of purpose to plan out and make real the idea that was tapping me. Wanted someone else to give me the power. Happened just last month. I had been feeling overwhelmed about creating an on line webinar, because all the ‘stuff’ around it seemed daunting…the e mail sequencing, ads, posts, etc etc. But my wise coach said…then don’t do all that stuff. Just do the webinar. At least do that. I thought huh! Yeah. Do able. A weight lifted. I thanked her for the ‘permission’ She said I didn’t give you permission…I gave you the idea of the easiest path. No permission needed. Love that.

So. Where are you waiting for permission? For someone else to say ’GO’? For a contingency to start your creative adventure?

If that’s what you need, here you are: You have permission.

Good. That’s done.

So now, think on this….….What’s one thing you can do to move you toward your creative goal? One step to get started? Or keep going?

Cause I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to believe we’re already into this pretty 5th month of the year. Tick Tock.

May you be inspired to take action, because you may go forward in any way you may desire this May.

You may already be a winner.

The Merriest May to you~


Clarity Goddess Coach

May I? If I can help you get clarity on where you want to go, some decision or plan you’re having trouble deciding on, knowing which way you like to go forward, and how, schedule a time for us to chat and see where you may want to go. And if I can, may, I will help. Complimentary of course. You can schedule time with me here calendly.com/sherylcoaches

Results may vary…from what you thought was possible.


Please be kind to the earth and animals. Mother Nature is our best friend.

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