Day Two of Success Week



When Donna Kozic started the success community book project, I immediately knew what to write about for a 200 maximum word-count essay.


To me, success is the outcome of choices, whether big ones or small, right ones or not so right ones, they all immediately or eventually lead to success.

The biggest turning points for me happened when I moved from one place to another.  I’ve lived in seventeen homes and with each move, I had to leave my comfort zone. Each move was a big decision, and each move ended up being a success.

My essay called “Chosen Changes” is published in Success is Yours!, an eBook available on Amazon.

Thursday, May 10th is our launch and we’d appreciate if you’d purchase it on that date for $.99. The more people who get it on the 10th,  the closer we are to it being an Amazon best seller. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

If you had had the opportunity to submit a story to Donna’s community project, what success of yours would it be about?

How do you define success?


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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  1. Julaina, I like how you defined your success by pulling yourself out of one pond and jumping into another over and over. I too believe that success comes from the character you build in yourself by going through changes and learning to love where you ended up. Congratulations on your success of having your story published!


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