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Book Title Decisions

I’m still deciding on the title for our class genre sampler, or anthology is what some people like to call it.

The book started out as A Class of Muses, then Secrets, Surprises, and Smiles. I didn’t care for Smiles in the title, although our humorist, Stacey Gustafson certainly makes us smile with her essays. So I thought of Secrets, Surprises, and Wit. A couple people didn’t like the word wit, like I didn’t like the word smiles.

So, maybe it should be Secrets and Surprises.

Comments, insights, and preferences are appreciated.


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Secrets, Surprises, and Smiles

My anthology has a new name and I’ve changed the focus. The old name was A CLASS OF MUSES. Now it’s SECRETS, SURPRISES, AND SMILES.  I’m calling it a Sampler or a Collection of Genres instead of an anthology.

Progress is slow but with the help of my friend, Linda Todd, it’s coming together. We still have twenty more entries to critique and add to the Done File. The due date to the press is the end of this month if I want the book in hand by February for the S.F. Writers Conference. Not sure if that will happen since we still have so much left to do.

The book is taking most of my blog writing time and my time revising HADA’S FOG. But I know it’s well worth the effort. The submissions have been terrific and quite a variety.

Back to work, more later.


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Interview Questions

I’d like to include interviews with the writers whose work will be published in A CLASS OF MUSES. As a reader what would you like to know about them?  I want to keep it to three questions. Could you give me feedback on what you think are the three best questions? Or if there is something that’s not on the list, I’m open to ideas. Thanks.

1. Where do you write? When?

2. Who is your favorite author?

3. What inspired you to write the work you entered?

4. What is your favorite genre?

5. What is your current project?


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New Flash Western Short Story contest due October 25, 2013

The new Flash Western Short Story Contest guidelines are posted.  See the page on the top menu bar. The due date is October 25th since the winning entry will be published in my anthology, A CLASS OF MUSES. The book is going to press the end of this month.  Please check out Wikipedia’s explanation of the Western Genre. I think it will be fun even if you don’t normally write Westerns.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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Poem Entries in A Class of Muses Anthology

All entries to my Poems about Children Contest have the option of being published in my anthology,  A CLASS OF MUSES. I will need written permission from each of you who decide to be in it. I will be sending the anthology to press the end of October and it will be available to purchase by January 2014.

Let me know as soon as you can.


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