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The Traveling Todds Share JRR Tolkien’s Quote And Idaho Highlights

“Not all those who wander are lost.” — JRR Tolkien

New blogger, Linda Todd, has JRR Tolkien’s quote on her home page. You can see my favorite post on The Traveling Todds blog if you click here. I like Mr. Moose and the Idaho Potatoe Museum.


Mr. Moose at the Greenbelt


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I Got a LSS !

Beautiful song by Owl City on Arriane’s website. Check out her poetry.

404: No Error Found

So I got a last song syndrome (LSS). I first heard this  playing on the radio yesterday. Unsure of what the  title was… I grabbed my phone and typed the line that struck me the most on the google search box. I downloaded it immidiately after finding out what I was looking for… then I listened to it over and over and over again. I just can’t get it out of  my head. It’s so beautiful… and sad. I can feel the deep melancholy throughout the song. It conveys an emotional feeling which is pain. Nevertheless, for some reasons … I find it wonderful.

“…But the more I try to move on, the more I feel alone…”.

n sSiw !

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Visit Coming of Age Croneicles

Ann WinfredIn my last post, I quoted Patricia Flaherty Pagan’s description of flash fiction which she compared to a geode that “reveals crystals shining within.” Readers can find unique flash gems  at

Ann Winfred, creator of “Coming of Age Croneicles, Voices From Over the Hill,” offers excellent flash stories, essays, and meanderings. “Bats in Our Belfries” is one of my favorites. “Falling in Love Again” has a WOW ending on Maui. Winfred lived in Hawaii for several years and brings the essence of the islands to several of her meanderings, as she likes to call them. “South Texas Harmony” takes the reader on a truck ride to the sensory area where she lives now.  In some shorts, she has introduced Inez, a character who doesn’t want to be found and plays cat and mouse with a private eye who’s on her trail.

The category in the Table of Contents called Voices is “a cornucopia of evocative thoughts and observations from our world’s most elegant minds.” Winfred quotes Eudora Welty, Bette Davis, Grandma Moses, Joan Didion, among many others.

Winfred brings flash stories and essays to a new level of gems in small packages that entertain but also enlighten.


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Jill’s Closet in Norman in the Painting Paranormal Mystery

Jill's Closet In the rough draft of my paranormal mystery, Norman in the Painting, I used the workshop exercise Jessica Barksdale suggested we write at her retreat this summer. Here’s the scene:

Jill opened the double louvered doors that revealed shirts, short skirts, and blouses from college days organized by color, a pair of Dockers, two pairs of jeans, and a full length suede skirt. She brushed the sleeve of the pink running suit she wore with parts in the material that had worn thin. “This is so me, not what’s in the closet.”

Her Siamese cat, Rocky, meowed behind her. “I didn’t see you come in. Did you think I was talking to you?” She stooped to pet the cat. “My problem isn’t organization, Rocky. There’s not much to organize.” She frowned at the jeans. The last time she wore them, she had walked to Eve’s Treasures hoping to see Norman again. The denim had felt restrictive. Her poor legs had a headache by the time she returned home. “I need new clothes.” She took the long suede skirt off the hanger, rolled it up, and threw it into a corner.

“That was Viv’s idea. She told me never to wear short skirts because my legs are too skinny.” Jill didn’t like to admit that her sister had style. She couldn’t ask Viv to go shopping with her. She’d force her to buy what she didn’t want and then she’d ridicule Jill for the clothes she did choose. “She’d make fun of me until the day I die. Then she’d be happy to pick out my burial outfit–probably a long black dress with rivets down the front, a chain belt, and she’d put a whip in my hand to protect me in the underworld.”

Rocky meowed an answer and she bent to pet him again, but the phone rang at the same time thunder roared over the top of the house. The cat sprang out of the room.

That excerpt needs polishing and Jill needs a wardrobe and style consultant like Hella Tsaconas. Since Adriane Nichols’ blog inspired Jill to study her closet as step one in personal transformation, Hella’s blog could save Jill’s uncertainty about her clothes, i.e. symbolic about her life.

I’ve been writing novels for many years, I have files full, like a bulging closet, but I’ve never written about blogs in any of the scenes. Hella, I’ll be interviewing you for a scene where you can take Jill shopping as you do with your clients.Thanks Adriane Nichols and Jessica Barksdale for helping me keep up with the times in my writing.





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Red Asscher Blog Recommended

Check out Paula Chinick’s http://www.redasscherdotcom/blog to read about the parents of Anya, the protagonist in RED ASSCHER which will be in print by the end of the year.

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The Fermi Paradox

Sci-Fi readers, check this one out.

The Fermi Paradox and some science based possibilities

via The Fermi Paradox.

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Blog About Bullies

Russell Rowland has a new blog and another new book, HIGH AND INSIDE, that will be published next month. His blog covers a topic we discussed in our writing class.

I took a class with him several years ago through Gotham.

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May 6, 2013 · 5:24 pm

Self-Published Freebies

Self-published authors can announce their freebies on

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Readers and Writers

Writers, I highly recommend http:/the  for content and support.

Readers, it’s a great sight for book recommendations.

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Musings on History and Historical Fiction

Excellent post that includes quotes from our Sheila Bali!

Musings on History and Historical Fiction.


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