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Story Prompt for Writers

man and boy story promptAre you trying to think of something to write? Use the picture and write answers to the following questions to prompt your muse.

Who are they?

Where are they?

Where are they going?

Are they related?

What does the man want?  What is his goal?

What does the boy want?

What is stopping both of them from getting what they want?

Set up a time limit for them to succeed.

What will happen if the time runs out?

Write the dark moment, the point of no turning back.

Have their desires changed?

What did they learn from what happened?

Will they remain together at the end?


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Story Prompt for Writers

Doll with top hatOctober is a perfect month for paranormal stories. Here’s a prompt, but if you don’t care to write what I call a “creepy” one, I collected a few images that could inspire any kind of story. I know a few humor writers who might come up with a laughable yarn. Let me know if you work with this prompt and post a summary in the comment section if you like.

Imagine you are helping a friend clear out a house and you’re in the attic. You fill boxes to give to charity and when you put a doll in one, it begins to talk to you—for real, not like a wind up doll. What does it say and what do you do?

old fashioned doll with bonnetBig eyed doll

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