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Alison Gopnik’s TED Talk About What Do Babies Think?

Interesting info on babies’, crows’, and chickens’ learning abilities. On my other blog, Click here. Patricia Kuhl talks about babies’ genius in learning language.

Here Gopnik states: “Babies have more of a lantern of consciousness than a spotlight”

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Shonda Rhimes Gives A TED Talk

Shonda Rhimes’ message at TED2016: Say ‘yes’ to what scares you, even if it’s saying ‘no’ to work

Are you a fan of  writer and producer Shonda Rhimes? ABC has devoted its Thursday night line-up to the “Shondaland shows How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. ABC snapped up Rhimes’ latest series, The Catch. Shondaland shows have the special ability to capture both fan devotion and critical attention – she’s won everything from a Peabody Award to a People’s Choice Award.”

I’ve been a fan of Gray’s Anatomy for many years and Scandal since it started. I like Viola Davis but How to get away with Murder is not my kind of show so I don’t watch it.
Shonda Rhimes: Tells about “My year of saying yes” on TED Talks. See the link above.

Most of us can relate to feeling overworked even if it is work we love to do. Shonda shares what she realized when burnout hit and she lost the “hum” in her work.

Click the TED link above to find out how she found a balance.

“My tiny humans show me how to live. The hum of the universe fills me up.”


Shonda Rhimes speaks at TED2016 – Dream, February 15-19, 2016, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED



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