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Clues You Can No Longer Use

Lani Longshore is right. I had to add an explanation why my character didn’t have a cell phone.

Lani Longshore's Blog

One of the games I like to play when watching old movies or TV shows is pointing out what could no longer be used. Old mysteries are particularly good for that, as some of the clues rely on calls from public telephone booths, family scandals that could never be kept secret in the age of social media, or bending regulations in a worthy cause and getting away with it.

The game has value for those who write historical fiction, since so much of what we take for granted is barely older than our grandparents if not ourselves. I need constant reminders that huge amounts of human exploration was done on water, not on foot. I think of the westward expansion of the United States and imagine covered wagons, but small ships running down the rivers were equally if not more important.

I’m looking at the tools or supplies I thought…

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Shaped by Choices

Author Vi Moore talks about her true story that is published in my new anthology, The Choice Matters. I like what she did in the ending.

Violet's Vibes

Writing a story begins with a choice. What does the writer-in-me want to tell? That is balanced with the question, “What does the target audience want to read?”

I’ve made a lot of good choices in my life—and a few that didn’t reach that level. Some of those decisions shaped me like homemade playdough in the hands of a preschooler. I was punched, squeezed, rolled, and manipulated. Just when I thought I had reached my destiny, slam, bam. More pounding.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin, a writing instructor, gathered short stories about choices for an anthology. She extended the competition to former students and writers who had been published in her previous anthology. She read each 500-word submission and suggested changes. No pounding, punching, or squeezing. Then the writers were given the opportunity to reshape their stories. Most were memoirs. A few were fictionalized.

My memoir, “Second Chance,” is about my submission…

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• You vs. the Facebook Algorithm

facebook iconDo you feel like Facebook’s algorithm is stealing all your engagement?

Over the past few months, that’s been the worry on everyone’s mind.

The reach of Facebook fan pages has plummeted again… once highly engaged audiences have gone quiet… and business owners are finding it harder and harder to gain traction.

And yet…

Some businesses miraculously continue to grow their audiences, increase engagement, and stay visible on Facebook — no ads or salesy promo required.

How is that possible?

Because the “hacks” have stopped working, but genuine, authentic value and connection haven’t. In fact, it’s only growing more effective

The best part about this authentic approach?

It’s shockingly simple to execute from anywhere.

All you need is 15 minutes a day to grow your visibility and engagement at light speed.

And starting on July 9th, you can discover exactly how it’s done in Alina Vincent’s FREE 5-day Visibility Kickstarter challenge. Click here.

You’ll discover how investing just minutes per day (and none of your money) can dramatically increase your engagement, social proof, visibility, and bank account in a few short days.

Be sure to get in on this now, as it’s starting in just a couple of days!  Join here.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

P.S. Did I mention there will be prizes for participation?

The Grand Prize Winner will get spotlighted to an audience of over 15,000+ people. How is that for boost in visibility?

And the best part is – you don’t need to be smarter, faster, or even more tech savvy to win…

You just need to join and play full out!

You can join the challenge and claim your chance to WIN here. Join here.

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$.99 Special Launch for Claim Your Brilliance eBook Today!

Are you a passionate entrepreneur with a great business, but are struggling to get noticed online? Then you’ll love this new book Claim Your Brilliance, 50 Keys to Fearless Confidence, Visibility and Success  by Lisa Meisels. It’s been referred to as the “how to” manual for achieving maximum visibility and impact for your online business while also creating work/life balance so you can thrive personally and professionally. Get the Kindle version for only $.99 TODAY,  May 16th! Go here to order

  • Entrepreneurs will love having everything they need to know in one place, a book that’s easy to understand and tips to implement right now.
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Don’t wait or you’ll miss this $.99 launch special.


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Success Is Yours! eBook Launches Today $.99

Me and Idol quote

Today is LAUNCH day for Success is Yours! 

Click here to buy the eBook for 99 CENTS

Be inspired for success by 70 short (200 word-count) essays. Great to read before you turn off the lights and dream of your success.

Donna Kozic developed this community book project to celebrate success week, join in the fun today. One click and you’re there.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Fiction Or Nonfiction?

What are you reading Canva image


January 18, 2018 · 11:04 pm

From Orphan Blocks To Art

Orphan beauty.

Lani Longshore's Blog

My art critique group challenged itself to transform leftover quilt units – orphan blocks – into another piece. Since I have a boatload of orphan blocks (some of which I inherited from other quilters, don’t ask me how), I was overjoyed by the project. I pulled out some leftovers that Ann Anastasio gave me and started cutting. One of the units looked like it could make a great house. I searched through the pile and found something that I thought would be a blue tile roof. It didn’t turn out that way, but the yellow triangle made a nice capstone for a mausoleum, so I continued with the theme. I call the piece The Road To Quilters’ Heaven.

While I was searching for other orphan blocks, I ran across the center to a space quilt that I never finished. The robot blocks were still on the design wall, so…

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Have A Happy Sunday With A Lindsey Stirling Video

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Do you ever feel like being silly? It’s good for you.

Charming, creative ways to laugh and celebrate. thanks, Eloise.

ewritessite---Eloise Hamann

Look what stares into our family room.

It’s well known that laughter is good for your mental health so being silly must also qualify. So today’s post is devoted to my recent silliness.

We bought a cover for a patio heater. Covered, it reminded me so much of an alien, I couldn’t resist enhancing that impression. He stands on our deck just outside the sliding glass doors in our family room. Every time I pass I smile.

I think it all started with the launch party of my new book, Lower World. I decorated with jellyfish balloons, removed the handle from a duster that reminded me of a sea cucumber, stuffed a balloon to create a cock-eyed squid, and bought balls that not only look like sea urchins, they bio-luminesce as many of the creatures in the ocean deep are wont to do including my characters.

Jellyfish Ornament

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December 16, 2017 · 12:48 pm

Grab TONS of Free Personal Development Products!

When you check out the free offers on the 10 Days of Christmas Gifts site, this ad is for my blueprint.

There is something for everyone among the abundance of free gifts.  Only 7 days left to browse. Click here.


5 Step Blueprint

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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