How To Free Yourself From The Cycle Of Pain

Did you know that having an injury, having surgery, being female, or being overweight can make you more susceptible to developing chronic pain, and this kind of pain is more common in mid-life and older adults?

My colleague, Barbara J. Semple understands the feelings of betrayal by your body when pain is on your mind all the time. You don’t have to be a statistic any longer.

She says you can enjoy living a pain-free and joyful life. You become completely confident in your natural abilities to self-heal and support your health – anywhere, anytime.

Begin now with some straight talk “How to” wisdom by downloading Barbara’s free eBook in which she busts 3 myths that help shift you out of pain, “3 Myths That Keep You in Chronic Pain.”


Grab your free copy here >>

This eBook will only be free for a few days, so I encourage you to get the download now.

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Beautiful Australian Landscape Oil Paintings

I didn’t know parts of Australia looked like these beautiful scenes.


Graham Gercken is an award winning Australian landscape painting artist who was born in 1960. He is a self-taught artist who loves to paint with oil paint.

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Protecting The Rice in Bangladesh

Interesting. Who knew?


Over 100 of these pyramid-like mounds are seen in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.

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Mysterious phenomenon may now have explanation


ewritessite---Eloise Hamann


Reports of  light in the middle of the night called airglow or nocturnal sun— by which one could read— date back to the time of the Romans and have mystified scientists for centuries. Now Canadian scientists1 think they have the answer.

The oxygen we breathe is a molecule of two oxygen atoms. Beyond 60 miles from earth’s surface, ultraviolet light from the sun separates the atoms during the day. Then at night when the sun is gone, the atoms reunite and in the process release energy in the form of light. I find this counterintuitive, but it’s standard chemistry. Normally, while the energy is visible as light only to scientific instruments, sometimes humans can see it, but why?

Think of air currents as waves in the ocean. In fact they are called zonal waves and are influenced by Earth’s rotation and severe weather on Earth’s surface. Usually waves…

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Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans Paperback Arrives

I’ve received emails from people whose copy of Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans paperback has arrived already.

Judy Lussie included the #1 photo above. Her essay “The Branch of Life” is published in the book. Since the eBook became a #1 Amazon Bestseller, Lussie’s photo brings an extra big smile on my face.

If you missed the details about the paperback launch day, see the post on my other blog: click here.

The paperback is still at the launch day discounted price but will change soon. If you want to order Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans, click here.

While you’re there, check out Judy Lussie’s recently published novella, Lake Biwa Wishes.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

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Filter Words and Phrases to Avoid in Writing Fiction…

Good reminders.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Filter words act like a veil between the reader and the character

by Kathy Steinemann  on Anne R. Allen site:

This article provides a list of writing filters, with practical examples of how to replace them. You’ll also find exercises that can double as story prompts.

All words exist for a reason. Use them wisely to create engaging narrative.

Why the fuss?

Filter words form a barrier that distances readers from a story.

Bertie felt the warm sand between her toes as she walked.

Bertie’s experience is relayed secondhand. When word economy is critical, this approach works. However, wouldn’t you rather become so involved that you almost feel it yourself?

With a few tweaks, we can strengthen the sentence.

The sand trickled between Bertie’s toes, radiating warmth with every step she took.

Strong verbs, trickled and radiating, amplify the sensory impact.

Five senses? Six? Twelve?

Most people can name…

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Free Mini-Course Begins Monday: 5 Simple Steps to Draw Your Dream Clients to You





Do you wonder why some people have all the clients they want and their business flourishes when you’re working hard, struggling to gain traction and not getting the results you want?

You already have what it takes to get more clients and success.  You just need to put the foundational pieces together.

My friend Lisa Meisels is going to help you with that.  She is offering a free mini-course that will teach you how to draw clients to you so you can grow your business without being pushy or salesy!

This mini-course is from June 19th to June 23rd.  And in those 5 days, you’re going to learn:

  • The #1 secrete to cultivating confidence in your value
  • How to call in your ideal client
  • Where your ideal client hangs out and what solution they want
  • The keys to eliminating lack and limitation so you can have more flow in your business
  • How doing the opposite of what you’ve been told will allow you to become a client magnet

There will be bonus prizes!! Lisa loves to have fun, make things exciting and encourage engagement (because after all, that’s how you learn).

I highly recommend you sign up for her free course!

Even if you can’t make the live training calls, there will be handouts and replays.  And, Lisa will be in the group to answer your questions every day 🙂

See you tomorrow, Monday, June 19th at 12:00 Pacific time. To register, Click here.


Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

Written Across the Genres


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5 Surprising Ways to Radically Boost Your Income with Your Book

Tamara's new offerDid you download this spectacular gift yet? If not, grab it now before it disappears!

My good friend and colleague, Tamara Monosoff, has a hot new step-by-step free guide where she shares her exact strategies for hitting #1 on Amazon. You are going to be blown away when you see this!

 And, to top it off, I just watched her free video that’s going to make a lot of authors extremely happy… and a whole lot wealthier.

It’s called “5 Surprising Ways to Radically Boost Your Income with Your Book” .

In this short video, Tamara shares some truly revolutionary ways for you to make a lot more money from your book.

When you download her gift, you’ll be invited to watch this AMAZING video. Don’t miss it!

Tamara is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and the creator of the Author-to-Income Formula, a program that gives authors the specific steps, plans and technologies they need to reach #1 bestselling status on Amazon, bask in the media spotlight, turn readers into repeat customers, and generate big cash infusions and consistent income from their book.

So, if you’ve written a book that isn’t selling very well, or you’re in the process of writing a book now, you need to watch this short and totally free video right now.

“5 Surprising Ways to Radically Boost Your Income with Your Book”

I’m confident you will learn at least 3 creative ways to increase your cash flow with your book after you watch the video.

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

P.S. Tamara doesn’t waste a second of your time. The very first tactic she shares on this video will increase your income from your book today! Go watch!




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Fractal: A Magnificent Supercell Thunderstorm Timelapse

The atmosphere tries to correct imbalances is good to remember. Thanks ALK3r


For the last decade, Kansas-based photographer Chad Cowan has driven almost 100,000 miles across the United States chasing powerful supercell thunderstorms and recording them in high definition.

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False advertising (Friday Fictioneers)

Need a story prompt? Laurie Bell has one for you.

Rambles, writing and amusing musings

Beth slammed the hammer against the wood over and over taking out the days frustrations on the old water-logged frame. The door burst open swinging drunkenly back and forth. The musty smell of dust, rotted plant life and animal droppings assaulted her nose. “Oh hell.” It took two hard shoves to get the door all the way open. Weeds and roots had erupted from the once tiled floor creating dangerous tripping hazards everywhere.

“Hun, how’s it look?”

“You don’t want to know!” she called. This “fixer-upper” was not quite the “it might require a little weekend work” the advertisement implied.

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

Word count: 100

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