Mesmerizing Kaleidoscopic GIFs

These GIFs make a nice break. Take a look.


Illustrator and animator Anna Taberko produces lovely kaleidoscopic animations that depict the blooming of flowers, the evolution of animals, and the flight of bees.

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Registration Closes TODAY for the Website Creation Workshop

Christina Hill last day to enrollThose of you here on the west coast have 45 minutes to work with Christina Hills to create an awesome website.

Registration is closing today at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific for the Website Creation Workshop Spring 2017 Program with Christina Hills and I don’t want you to miss out.

Christina won’t be running this program again for a long time.

PLUS, she just added some brand new bonuses to the program that are well worth the price of admission alone.

Check them out here >>

Christina is a master at teaching entrepreneurs like yourself how to build a website with WordPress. And she’s not the new kid on the block! She’s been doing this now for several years and has taught more than 2,600 people how to easily create their own highly effective websites.

Go here, get all the details, and register today…

On that page you’ll see the details about how you can gain the:

* Confidence
* Freedom
* Independence

…to easily create your own website yourself and be in charge of your own online marketing.

Again, Christina has taught hundreds of people to do it! She puts fun in the process, too.

And she wants to coach you too, so you can build your website yourself, any time, any day!

Check it out. I think you’ll like what you see there.

But hurry — registration closes today, April 6 at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific.

And this is not some kind of fake deadline. Class is literally starting next week. Once registration is closed, you’ll have to wait to join the next class.

Why wait to get a website that works for you? Think of how many clients you can get and products you can sell between now and then…but only if you get started today!

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

  • Written Across the Genres
  • Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans
  • Hada’s Fog

P.S. Christina has an awesome guarantee and some pretty incredible case studies. Check them out here:

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The Evolution of Gratitude

Worth taking the time to read this article.


Bildergebnis für Gratitude

How did gratitude evolve? Researchers are starting to trace this common human emotion all the way back to primate behavior.

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Wednesdays Visual Writing Prompt

This prompt makes me think of all kinds of stories. I recommend doing a 20 minute writing exercise with it and see what happens. Even 15 minutes or 5 minutes to get the writing muscle working again.

Mundus Media Ink


Wednesdays Visual Writing Prompt


Use this prompt to think outside the box, to go somewhere with your writing that you had never dared go before. See what kind of magic you can work with that brilliant mind of yours. You are a storyteller so this will be a breeze.

Maybe you could use this prompt to add a scene to the current book you are writing. Maybe you could start a short story that you can give away for free to subscribers of your blog. A picture like this can spark ideas you may never have considered.

The Rules

There aren’t really many rules, just enough to get your blog some attention and get new people interested in your writing or the current book you have to offer.

  • Write in any genre you like – poetry too
  • Tag this post in your post (share this post to your WordPress blog…

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Aerial Photographs of Southern Africa

Enjoy your Sunday and take time to appreciate these aerial photos that ALK3R shared.


Photographer Zack Seckler‘s latest series took him 2,000 miles through South Africa, each piece shot from the passenger seat of a two-seater sport plane.

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We will always play (Friday Fictioneers)

Great Friday Prompt to start your day in writing mode.

Rambles, writing and amusing musings

They say it’s haunted. What rubbish. It’s not haunted. I live there.

Sarah has been my friend for years. We play together in the long grass, chasey around the fence and hide and seek in the house’s long corridors.

Sarah asks me sometimes if I am lonely. Of course not, I have her, silly! Is my usual response.

Today, she was crying. When I asked her why, she said she was going away. I didn’t want her to go. She said we were best friends forever.

I play alone now. But I remember her and my laughter fills the halls.

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word count: 100

© solothefirst. All Rights to the works and publications on this blog are owned and copyrighted by Solothefirst. The Owner of this site reserves all permissions for access and use of all documents on this site.

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[Download & Video] Agonizing Website Mistakes

Christina Hills download offerIf you you don’t consider yourself a “techie” person, the very idea of having a website might feel like a big headache.

Where do you begin? Do you try to figure out how to do it yourself? Do you hire someone else to do it for you? How do you know who you can trust with such an important part of your business?

I admit, I made some big mistakes in the beginning. And looking back now I wish I would have met WordPress expert, Christina Hills earlier.

She is truly gifted at helping non-techies break through the intimidation factor when it comes to websites.

And she just released a free download and report that reveals, “Agonizing Website Mistakes And How You Can Easily Avoid Them.”

> Get your free copy right here

If you haven’t even gotten started with your website, I think you’ll find this really helpful. And if you have a website that simply isn’t getting the job done, what Christina shares here might be illuminating.

Your website is often a potential client’s first experience with you. Make sure you’re not making these common mistakes!

> Get the free download and video here

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Author and Editor

Written Across the Genres

Captivate Audiences to Create Loyal Fans

Hada’s Fog

PS: Don’t put this off! Christina is only making this resource available for a few days. Stop missing out on potential clients connecting with you because of your non-existent or less than effective website.

>> Prevent these Agonizing Website Mistakes Now

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Time for a Website Makeover this Spring?

Christina Hills pen and keyboard
When I meet someone either virtually or in person and I’m considering working with them, I ALWAYS ask, “What’s your website?”

And if the answer is, “I don’t have a website” then I might completely rethink whether or not I want to hire them.

Or if they have a website and I visit it and there are some basic things are missing, again…I might change my mind about them.

Do you do that too (or is it just me)?

People who might want to work with you are thinking the same way!

So if you don’t have a website or if you’ve got a barebones website that you just threw together, you might be missing a key opportunity.

My amazing friend, Christina Hills, is offering a free resource designed specifically to help you design your own website that works for you.

It’s called the Do-It-Yourself Website Creation Checklist.

In it you will discover exactly which pages you need to include if you want to attract your new clients.

And Christina also shares her advice on which pages you can wait until later to create, because she knows one of the biggest hurdles to leap for entrepreneurs like us is getting overwhelmed by too much to do!

Check it out!

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

P.S. If you need a new website or want to get the one you have producing better results, I highly recommend you see what Christina has to say in her free video and download. What I love about Christina is she makes technical subjects so easy to understand.

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London From The Rooftops

Outstanding. Looking at these photos feels like I’m back in London again only with more clarity than when I was there.


James Burns is a talented photographer currently based in London, UK who captures the most amazing elements of his great city.

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St. Patrick’s Day Special

Sale starts on Thursday the 16th. I highly recommend these books and they are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.



Want to celebrate “being Irish”, even if you’re only Irish for one day? Would you like to get a taste of Éire, but can’t afford the travel expenses?The Keepers of Éire

My debut fantasy novels, The Keepers of Éire  and The Keepers of Éire-YA Edition are set in modern-day Ireland and feature an American woman and an Irishman searching for their destinies and a way to stop a dragon killer. Readers will be transported to the lush, rolling hills, spectacular stone circles, and bustling cities of Ireland. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I am offering both Kindle e-books at reduced pricing for one week starting Thursday (3/16). Visit here to get your copy.

Enjoy the read. Let your imagination take flight! Sláinte!


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